New pocket size fortune cards with unique Yantra and power of pyramid is for all good purposes of life. Very easy to use and carry in your bag or pocket. Pyra cards work as personal Vastu.
Pyra cards are available for several purposes, such as: luck and fortune, money and finance, energy and vitality, business and career, fame and power, peace and relaxation, memory and concentration, marriage and love, strength and confidence, positivity and happiness, legal and court case, family and children.
you can also carry 2-3 pyra cards with you.
Benefits of Pyramid Cards or Pyra cards are:
a) These are well known for better career growth as well as other purposes of life.
b) Easy to use and carry.
c) Well energized and pre-programmed.
d) Brings harmony and happiness.
e) Create positive impact.
f) Added benefits of FaMa Yantra.
It is well equipped with 9 copper Pyramid and a gold base disc at bottom.
you have to keep it with yourself in your purse, wallet, pocket or near you
I will energize it for you & send you.
you have to stick your passport size pic at the back side of it
& do signature with red pen
then its power will increase

keep Pyra Card on your left hand

cover it with right hand

make a wish with pure heart twice a day

it costs Rs. 1500/-

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