Best horary astrologer Vedant Sharmaa on Prohibition in Horary Astrology or ( Prashna kundali )

In traditional horary astrology a client (the querent) asks the astrologer a question, and the astrologer then casts a chart for the moment and location where she or he understands what the querent is asking. The astrologer then identifies pertinent significators (planets) in the horary chart to symbolize the querent and the matter asked about (the quesited). To indicate that the matter will come to pass, the horary chart must show the significators applying to perfect a Ptolemaic aspect or to otherwise come together, as by transfer or collection of light.

Sometimes other planets in the horary chart interfere with the process of coming together of the relevant significators. There are several forms of such interference with names like refranation, evasion, abscission, prohibition, etc.

William Lily, a celebrated astrologer from England and he published a book in 1647 called Christian Astrology. The book perfected a form of astrology that answers only one specific question. No more.

Other insights of life aren’t answerable, since the chart (called horary astrology chart) is generated for that specific question at the exact time and place it was asked
This form of astrology is called horary astrology. And the interpretation of charts is the most important skill required (adhering to basic rules) while practicing it.

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Another great aspect of horary astrology is that there are no grey areas. The planets and houses are either good or bad. So, the kind of answers you will get to your question might be a simple yes or no. But they can delve further giving complex insights as well.
If you are confused when asking a question or don’t know the exact word of your question and ask a silly question, than the chart will reflect that. So make sure you are well prepared and serious about your question.

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