Astrology Horoscope Compatibility
A Must For Every Couple

Falling in love and eventually taking vows of togetherness is perhaps the most cherished dream for many young people.  Almost everyone secretly harbors a desire of finding his/her dream match, the one who is perfectly compatible with them.  In fact, most of us will agree that spending life with a like-minded and compatible partner is much more tuneful and harmonious than with a non-compatible partner. Vedic Astrology Horoscope compatibility reading is perhaps the best way to determine the compatibility strength between the two potential partners. No wonder, thousands from across the globe ensure running an astrology horoscope compatibility test before getting into a relationship or marriage.

Astrology Horoscope Compatibility Astrology horoscope compatibility literally translates to the horoscope chart compatibility using the principals of Vedic Astrology. Horoscope Compatibility Astrology is done on the basis of Nakshatra or Lunar Constellations. In India, astrology horoscope compatibility test is also known Kundli Milapak. It is nothing but a way to match the horoscope of the prospective bride against the prospective groom to analyze the planetary configuration and deduct if their interests, tastes and preferences are well-suited to each other. In Vedic Astrology horoscope compatibility, astrologers carefully consider the VarnaVyasTaraYoniMaitriGanaBhakut and Nadi of prospective bride and groom to find out if are compatible with each other. Basis the match, each attribute in the horoscope is given certain points. Let’s discuss each attribute and points given to each attribute.

Value Chart of Attributes

Attribute Maximum Value
Varna 1
Vyas 2
Tara 3
Yoni 4
Maitri 5
Gana 6
Bhakoot 7
Nadi 8
Total Value 36

Importance of attribute Value If the couples get minimum 17 and maximum 36 points in the horoscope matching test, they are likely to spend a harmonious and successful married life together. If the score comes out to be more than 30 points, it is believed that couple will be able to spend an extremely excellent married life. On the other hand, those couples who score less than 17 points in compatibility match may find their marital relation troublesome. In some cases, this discord in marital relation may even lead to divorce. However, if a couple scores between 21 to 29 points, they may go ahead with their plans of marrying each other.

Conclusion Astrology Horoscope Compatibility test of prospective bride and groom helps in finding out if the married life of the potential partners will be long-lasting, if the potential partners will be emotionally connected and if the potential partners will be sexually attracted to each other. Most people look for a partner who can stand by them through all thick and thins of life.  With Astrology horoscope compatibility, astrologers can analyze and determine the success and longevity of marriage.

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