Diet Plan in Navratri 2018: नवरात्रि व्रत के दौरान कम करना चाहते हैं वजन, तो खाएं ये:

During Navratri, devotees conjointly celebrate 9 days of fast for nine days with the worship of various kinds of Durga. throughout now, the Vrati individuals don’t eat tamarind and extremely abundant chili spices. thanks to 9 consecutive days of fast, our systema alimentarium gets relief. thanks to this the rate will increase considerably. thanks to that there’s extended weight-loss. however throughout fast individuals ought to lookout of bound things, or 9 days of fast will cause tons of weakness within the body. these days we have a tendency to area unit telling you what things ought to be consumed throughout this era.

During fast it ought to be taken care of that there ought to be no shortage of water within the body. Doctors advocate drinking a minimum of half dozen to eight glasses of water daily. throughout the quick, such fruits ought to be consumed during which the water content is high. like orange, seasonal, grapes etc.

During fast, to not be hungry for long periods of your time, therefore, there ought to be continuous consumption of some accounts. If you have got AN empty abdomen for a protracted time then there could also be a gas drawback. embody additional saccharide substances within the diet. like potatoes and starch.
You can conjointly take dry fruits throughout fast. they’re quite alimentary. wherever you may feel instantly energetic, at identical time, you may even be sturdy on the within.

During fast you’ll consume fruits with milk within the breakfast. in conjunction with cashew daft, almonds also can be consumed.

You can take saboo khichadi within the lunch at lunch. in conjunction with this, you’ll conjointly take the sodium chloride and roast cumin powder within the curd. If you’re bored by consumption it, then you’ll conjointly eat potato flour and potato-tomato juice.

During the fast, evening becomes terribly hungry. during this case, you’ll conjointly take ginger tea with a cup of tea with dry dry fruits or deep-fried mikhans.

During fast, it ought to be noted that don’t take potatoes or an excessive amount of deep-fried things within the food. By doing this, additional calories area unit collected within the body. The alimentary food ought to be consumed within the quick.

By Top Astrologer in IndiaVedant Sharmaa


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