National Volunatary Blood Donation Day: Amazing benefits of donating blood: National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is well known in Asian country on first of October once a year to aware individuals concerning importance of blood and to encourage the individuals to present blood.

We must always present the blood because it not solely save the lifetime of others however is additionally reflects completely on our own health. There area unit numerous health advantages that we are able to come through by donating blood to the destitute ones. Few of the benfits area unit mentioned below.

. Decrease the danger of cancer

Although Iron is important for our body however its presence in access quantity will increase risk of cancer and aging. Studies recommend that blood donation reduces risks of cancers as well as liver, lung, colon, and throat cancers because of decrease in aerobic stress once iron is free from the blood.

2. Burn calories

One more wonderful good thing about donating blood is reduction in calories as donating blood only once will dissipate to 650 calories.

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3. shield from vessel attack

As we tend to all prepared grasp that excess quantity of iron in vegetative cell will enhances the danger of heart attacks and stroke, so donating blood will prevent from attack

4. Reduces stress

The happiness of donating blood is wonderful and it conjointly facilitate in reducing stress and improve emotional well-being.
Blood is important element of the human life because it provides the crucial nourishment to the body tissues and organs.

National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is widely known to bring the good changes within the society so as to follow the life-saving measures and forestall the intense unhealthiness caused by the violence and injury, kid birth connected complications, road traffic accidents and lots of additional conditions.

Safe blood donation saves several lives of all ages and from all walks of life once a year. The states like Tripura, Tamil Nadu, province and square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are thought-about because the national level voluntary blood donors. Tripura, a North jap State of the country, is taken into account because the highest level of voluntary donor (93%) in Bharat whereas state is taken into account as lowest within the country.

It is necessary to celebrate at the present time at an excellent level to get rid of the cognitive content, concern and misconceptions of the overall public towards the voluntary blood donation campaign. Voluntary organizations of the country square measure paying their valuable time and mistreatment their resources so as to encourage the students/youths, colleges, establishments, clubs/NGOs and etc.