Post Malone Previews New ‘Spiderman’ Song ‘Sunflower’ on ‘Fallon’:Post student recounted his outstanding rise to pop high status, explained however Justin Bieber ruined his 1st tattoo and previewed a piece of a replacement song on The Tonight Show Monday.

The new track, “Sunflower,” can seem on the sound recording for the forthcoming animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, that arrives Dec fourteenth. The 10-second preview featured a combination of skittering drums and ethereal synths, over that Post student crooned, “I’m therefore pink-slipped up/ You’re a sunflower/ i feel your love would be an excessive amount of.”

In associate degree interview with host Jimmy Fallon, Post student mentioned his early makes an attempt at music – including millions of stringed instrument Hero and learning Metallica covers on stringed instrument – the nightlong success of his jailbreak track “White Iverson” and therefore the 1st of his myriad tattoos. Post student aforementioned he overcame his worry and uncertainty concerning obtaining a tattoo when convincing himself he was harder than his heavily-tatted friend, Justin Bieber. shortly when obtaining the ink done, student recounted his reasoning in associate degree interview
, tho’ he was pretty positive Bieber should have seen it.
“We compete basketball 2 days later and he knocked the complete issue off,” Post student aforementioned. “It was simply blood dripping down my hand. It quite feels like my tattoo got born in volcanic rock.”

Elsewhere within the interview, Post student chatted concerning his forthcoming competition, Posty Fest, and therefore the distinctive method he celebrates each career success: A meal at the Olive Garden.

“From going Pt to going undefeated – twenty and zero – in brewage fetor that night, we tend to not blink and hit Olive Garden and celebrate right,” Post student aforementioned. when Fallon admitted that he’d ne’er been to the Olive Garden, Post student insisted on taking the host dead set the eating house straight off when the show.


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