Chaudhari Ranbir Singh University’s environment worsened, female professor on registrar charged with mental harassment: As before long because the case came to light-weight, the SSP has entrusted the investigation of the case to DSP Pushpa Khatri. Please state that no grievance has been lodged during this case at now. consistent with the SSP, the primary case are going to be totally investigated, once that the case are going to be registered.

In the grievance given to the SSP, the victim’s feminine teacher Dr. Bhavna has aforesaid that she is functioning on contract basis within the pc department of the CRSU as prof.

The university was purported to have a program, that the committee was shaped, it absolutely was conjointly enclosed in this committee. to debate the program’s budget, he visited meet Rajbir Singh additional on weekday. Before meeting Rajbir, he got his PA and asked for the time to fulfill the Registrar.

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Dr. Bhavnya has alleged that as before long as he reached the registrar’s workplace, the registrar was in an exceedingly hurry and began speaking well. The teacher aforesaid that the registrar aforesaid that “no one raises his mouth and enters the workplace.” World Health Organization gave you here? you may be expelled from the work by finishing your department. ”

Dr. Bhavna has alleged that the registrar aforesaid that in respect to the program, he has return to him, he has no have to be compelled to worry concerning it. they’re going to see themselves
The teacher aforesaid that even before this, the registrar has misbehaved with the workers persistently and has created his worry in individuals. He has adopted dictatorial perspective throughout the university. no one within the workers dared to lift voice against the registrar however he has done therefore to avoid wasting the remainder of the individuals from the Caesarism of the Registrar.

a dozen lecturers World Health Organization came to present grievance to SSP Dr Arun Singh with Dr. Bhavna at risk say that his job at the University is briefly. Now, complaining against the registrar, his job is at risk.

The lecturers aforesaid that the registrar has been coping with lecturers within the last 2 years. ofttimes they’re vulnerable with the removal of employment. The lecturers aforesaid that currently they need set to complain with the registrar’s excesses and complain. Even before this, they need complained to the registrar double within the police. however once the police reached the university, the matter got settled and thanks to that no action was taken until currently.


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