Cubs’ Addison Russell put on ‘administrative leave’ as MLB investigates ex-wife’s accusations of domestic abuse: For over a year, Cubs shortstop Addison Russell has operated below the cloud of associate degree in progress domestic abuse investigation by conference Baseball, however the matter gained recent impetus late Th night once his former mate, Melisa Reidy-Russell, suspect of him egg laying “his hands on me” in an exceedingly journal post coupled to her Instagram account.

By Fri afternoon, MLB had placed Russell on “paid body leave” because it began to research the new allegations.

“Well, clearly we tend to take it terribly, terribly seriously. It’s one thing we’re terribly involved regarding,” Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts told reporters Fri before the beginning of the crossed Series against the White Sox at secure Rate Field. “There’s a method established for this. we tend to will collaborate with the method and let the league do (its) job.”

Cubs President Theo sculptor same he was stunned by the accusations, within which Reidy-Russell alleged emotional and physical abuse throughout their over 2½-year wedding.

“Surprised? affirmative, certainly,” sculptor same. “Late last night, before I visited bed, I saw the post. I straight off reached bent on (MLB’s) investigatory body to raise if they might verify any of what was within the post as a result of it had been therefore worrying.

“The commissioner and also the league workplace told United States of America they were considering inserting Addison on body leave, that is associate degree intermediate step designed into the violence policy. we tend to concur that that was acceptable for the case.”

Russell has denied all allegations of abuse and reiterated his denial Fri.

Reidy-Russell, whose wedding was dissolved formally in August in an exceedingly Everglade State court, created the allegations in associate degree post titled “You not have a secret, you have got a story” however failed to describe the precise nature of the abuse.

“The initial time i used to be physically slapped by my domestic partner, i used to be in shock,” Reidy-Russell wrote. “I couldn’t wrap my head around what simply happened. … Why did he get therefore angry? What did I do for him to need to place his hands on me?

“Of course I forgave him & assumed it might ne’er happen once more. I simply thought he had let his emotions get the most effective of him, he loves American state and he’s sorry. i used to be deeply hurt that he might even be capable of this behavior towards American state, I couldn’t perceive however the person i used to be therefore taken with with, the daddy of my kid, the person I married simply some months past might show such aggression towards American state.”

She wrote that one incident of abuse occurred with their then-infant son gift. Reidy-Russell had touched back to her and Russell’s town of Pensacola, Fla., however same she came to Chicago a few month later that the kid might visit Russell.

“But, as I expected our visit was a nightmare, I swore to myself it might be the last time he’d lay his hands on American state be that last time I’d let my son be a witness to that,” she wrote.

Reidy-Russell conjointly suspect him of verbal abuse, estrangement associate degreed an Gregorian calendar month 2017 instance of unfaithfulness within which “he blame his behavior to American state on being stressed regarding his job and also the expectations he remained his shoulders.”

She same she wrote the post to grant herself and alternative ladies a voice.

“It isn’t okay for anyone, whoever they will be or no matter title they will have in society to harm anyone, in any form or kind. I hope my story empowers and conjures up alternative ladies to face up for themselves United Nations agency square measure surfing any kind of domestic abuse.”

Efforts to succeed in Reidy-Russell and Russell for comment were unsuccessful, nor did their divorce attorneys create statements on their behalf once contacted.

Russell discharged an announcement through the MLB Players Association locution, “These allegations square measure utterly false. I created that clear to conference Baseball last year and reiterated it to the Cubs nowadays. I’m assured any full and honest investigation can totally exculpate American state. The protection of my youngsters is foremost in my mind therefore i’ll don’t have any more comment.”

When asked regarding the news Fri before the Cubs-Sox game at secure Rate Field, Cubs infielder Anthony Rizzo same it’s “unfortunate” that the investigation continues to be in progress and supplemental, “I don’t extremely understand what’s occurring.”

“It looks crazy, it’s been over a year currently,” Rizzo same. “Somebody’s not doing their investigatory work excellent, I don’t suppose. It’s tough.”

Friday at secure Rate, sculptor told reporters that he and Ricketts au fait Russell of MLB’s call to put him on body leave that morning. Per the joint MLB-union policy, the leave isn’t to be viewed or treated as a penalty and no discipline is obligatory whereas the matter is being investigated.

Administrative leave will last up to seven days, in step with league-union policy, sculptor explained, associate degreed at the moment amount the league will request an extension of up to a different seven days.

Domestic abuse allegations initial surfaced in Gregorian calendar month 2017 once someone United Nations agency had been known as an in depth friend of Reidy-Russell suspect Russell, via social media, of “mentally and physically abusing her.”

Russell known as the claim “false and hurtful” in an exceedingly statement.

Reidy-Russell filed for divorce period when the friend’s abuse accusation however declined to collaborate with conference Baseball, that investigated the accusation of violence however reportedly ne’er closed the case.

Through her lawyer at the time, Thomas T. Field of Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove LLP, Reidy-Russell acknowledged writing a since-deleted Instagram post within which she same she was “cheated on, song to and disrespected,” however she declined to verify whether or not she was physically abused.

“That doesn’t trace back to my shopper,” Field same in Gregorian calendar month 2017. “She has been forthright regarding any comments she has in person created herself.”

However, in Reidy-Russell’s WordPress post Th night, she wrote: “As time went on abusive behavior happened additional usually in arguments (more therefore once he was below the influence) & the verbal/emotional abuse grew to new levels. Friends would categorical their considerations with American state however i might assure them that i used to be okay, he lost his temper & wasn’t himself.”

Epstein same he believed Russell had been “on the up and up” in previous dealings with the team however same he knew him in an exceedingly “baseball context” and acknowledged that he doesn’t totally understand Russell’s non-public facet.

During Epstein’s and Ricketts’ Fri morning meeting with Russell, “We questioned him on that. He reaffirmed his stance that he failed to do what he’s suspect of,” sculptor same.

Epstein conjointly defended the team’s and MLB’s response to the initial accusation. Russell wasn’t placed inactive at the time.

“Last year this was a third-party accusation on social media and currently this is often an on the spot accusation from the eristic, from the potential victim,” sculptor same.

“Given the facts last year, i believe that we tend to handled it befittingly. Given the new info that came to lightweight late last night and early this morning, we’re conjointly handling it befittingly,” sculptor same. “It would’ve sent the incorrect message to own Addison carrying a Chicago Cubs uniform this morning. therefore we tend to totally support the location on body leave.”

Ricketts same he hoped for fast resolution to the investigation that may feel honest to everybody concerned and “get the correct answer.”

Cubs manager Joe Maddon same Fri before the sport, “I prefer to hear everything initial before I draw a conclusion.” He added: “I support the method one hundred pc.”

Russell’s long outlook with the team remains murky.

The Cubs noninheritable him in an exceedingly package that sent Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to the metropolis Athletics in 2014.

This past offseason, he reportedly was offered on the mercantilism block however created it to preseason while not being dealt. Trade chatter reached a fervour in could once desired Orioles shortstop Manny Machado arrived in city for a series against the White Sox.


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