May 18, 2022
Noida: A school in Noida has been closed for a few days as many students and staff members have tested positive. As per reports, 13 students and 3 staff members have tested positive with COVID-19.
The news of students and staff testing positive has come from a school in sector 40, Noida. Parents and family members of the infected have been informed about the same. Further, as per protocols, the school has been shut to be sanitised again.
In the information shared, CMO has also appealed to everyone to stay vigilant and careful. COVID-19 safety protocols must be followed by everyone for their own and everyone else’s safety.
Meanwhile, all parents and students are also advised to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. In case someone reports even mild symptoms like cough, cold etc., they must stay indoors and not go to school.
Students who have tested positive with COVID are from classes 6, 9 and 12. The exact number of students from each class is not known yet. However, it has come to light that those who came in close contact with the infected, have also been advised to get tested at the earliest.
The reporting of COVID-19 cases from school premises has scared many people. At this point, the health department is also on high alert as this isn’t the first school where cases have been reported. Before this, a school in Ghaziabad was also closed after 2 students tested positive.
A private school in Ghaziabad has been closed shut for three days after 2 students tested positive. As per the protocol, the school premises would remain closed and sanitized before classes can resume offline. In the interim, the classes would continue online at the said school.
The incident is of St. Francis School in Indirapuram. Schools’ Principal, Rony Thomas sent out a mail on Sunday, April 10, informing the parents about the decision of the schoo. He has shut the school for three days – April 11 to April 13. Offline classes would resume from Monday – April 18, 2022 now. (School holiday from April 14 and April 15 in lieu of Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday and Easter).
The two students are from Class 3 and Class 9 respectively. Parents of the students who were in the same class are also being contacted to be informed of the same and to take necessary action.
The cases came to light when the families of the two students were contacted by the school. Since offline classes have started, school administration is keeping a sharp eye on absenteeism to understand the reason. On finding that the students in question had tested positive, the school promptly decided to shut the school for offline classes.
Meanwhile, all parents are urged to monitor their wards before sending them to school. All those who are eligible for vaccination are advised to get the shot as soon as possible. For the others, parents must educate their children on continuously following the COVID protocols. Also, in case the child is not well, parents must not send the children to school and also inform the school.

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