Google marks the start of 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games with doodle: Google on weekday dedicated its doodle to mark the beginning of the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games. Created by Artemis Yuan Cheng and Vrinda Zaveri, the GIF doodle shows varied sports from the Games.

Being control in Buenos Aires, until October eighteen, the Games can see over two hundred countries participate. state and South Sudan square measure creating their debut at the Youth Olympiad this year.

Thousands of athletes between the age of fifteen and eighteen can partake within the Games.

New sports that are introduced embrace kiteboarding, BMX race park, and a brand new version of handball that’s contend on the beach. soccer has been replaced by futsal — an interior game contend on a smaller onerous court.

The third edition of the Games also will feature mixed gender events likewise as mixed National Olympic Committee events, delivery athletes from completely different countries along on an equivalent team.

Described by the International Olympic Committee as “an elite sporting event for youth from everywhere the globe,” the Youth Olympic Games square measure just like the Olympic Games in several aspects.

he organism for this year is Pandi – a young adult Felis onca, native to Argentina.

The Games occur each four years in a very completely different town and country with summer and winter editions. the primary Games were control in Singapore in 2010.


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