Serena Williams backed over umpire sexism claim after $17k fine: Williams received 3 code violations throughout her defeat to Japanese star mother-in-law port on weekday – one for coaching job from the stands ($4,000/£3,100), one for throwing her racket down in anger ($3,000/£2,300), and another for line of work umpire Taurus Ramos a “liar” and a “thief” ($10,000/£7,700).

The 23-time slam singles champion – WHO attained $1.86m (£1.43m) for reaching the ultimate at Flushing Meadows – launched AN explosive declamation towards the Portuguese, claiming she was being treated otherwise to however a person would be in such circumstances.She has received many support from across the lawn tennis world, together with from Billie Jean King, and has currently been protected by WTA chief government Steve Simon.

In a statement, adult male Simon hailed port as a “deserving new champion” however same Williams was right to recommend that she had been on the receiving finish of favouritism by adult male Ramos, WHO has antecedently attracted the ire of different lawn tennis stars, together with Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.The WTA believes there ought to be no distinction within the standards of tolerance provided to the emotions expressed by men versus ladies and is committed to operating with the game to make sure that each one players square measure treated identical,” he said.

“We don’t believe that this was done last night.”

The U.S.A. lawn tennis Association, that issued the fines, has not gone through the comments by adult male Simon, that were created when Novak Djokovic won the convenience final against Martin del Potro.
Djokovic same he had sympathy for Williams and port, WHO became the primary Japanese player to win a slam, however failed to agree that adult male Ramos had been sexist.

“I have my personal opinion that perhaps the chair umpire mustn’t have pushed Serena to the limit, particularly in an exceedingly slam final – he did modification the course of the match,” the Slav same.

“We all bear our emotions, particularly once you are fighting for a slam trophy.

“But i do not see things as adult male Simon will. i actually do not. i believe men and ladies square measure treated during this means or the opposite means looking on true. It’s arduous to generalise things. i do not see it’s a necessity very to discussion that.”
The arguments between Williams and adult male Ramos forged a shadow over the ultimate, that over with port being booed by a number of the gang.

Williams had suspect adult male Ramos of being a slicker once he fined her for cheating, spoken communication she would rather lose than cheat to win and telling him he would “never, ever get on another court of mine”.

In a conference when the match, Williams, 36, same she was “fighting for women’s rights” and for equality on the court.
She said: “I’ve seen different men decision different umpires many things. i am here fighting for women’s rights and for women’s equality and for every kind of stuff.

“For Maine to mention ‘thief’ and for him to require a game, it created Maine want it had been a sexist remark. he is ne’er taken a game from a person as a result of they same ‘thief’. It blows my mind.”

Although she actor criticism, there have been many that supported Williams, together with Andy Roddick and Sue Barker.


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