The Big Bang Theory’ cast shed tears when they learned the new season would be the last: Calif. – Expect lots of tears – at the side of the laughs – once “The blowup Theory” ends its 12-season run in might. But the crying has already started.

“When we have a tendency to detected the news, I went through a terrible week,” says Kaley Cuoco, WHO plays Penny. “I was thus upset. I cried each single day.”

Preliminary talks were underneath thanks to extend the show for up to 2 a lot of seasons, that the August announcement of its close at hand finale brought an occurrence that forever appeared within the distant future a lot of nearer.

“The initial few days were terribly emotional. i feel it had been Associate in Nursing adjustment for all folks,” says Steven Molaro, a old “Big Bang” govt producer.

Some of the celebrities, as well as Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco, denote their reactions on Instagram shortly once the announcement.
Executive producer Steve European country says the forged and crew, like fans, felt the approaching loss, too.
This has been such a giant a part of their lives, thus there have been undoubtedly tears,” he says. “But everybody needs to form this last season nice. subsequent day we have a tendency to had a dry run, and everybody came to figure to form the simplest show. i feel in a way it’s extremely energized everybody to place everything out there and create this last season unimaginable.”
As for news reports that aforesaid some forged members wished to continue however that Jim Parsons, WHO plays Sheldon, was able to leave, European country says, “Different folks had completely different feelings regarding what ought to happen. i feel ultimately, everybody knew there was an opportunity this was reaching to be the tip which the show required to {finish} in a very manner we have a tendency to may still finish robust.”

“Big Bang” writers typically don’t plot too so much ahead, thus Molaro and European country say there’s lots of time to craft a satisfying conclusion.

“For years, we’ve talked regarding what the last episode might be however currently we’ve to take a seat down and arrange it. It’s smart we have a tendency to knew early enough within the season,” European country says. As for the ultimate episode, “We have some ideas we’re extremely excited regarding however nothing set in stone nevertheless.”

Adds Cuoco: “We’re extremely determined to form it an incredible final season that folks can keep in mind, really, forever. Twelve years are a few things to be terribly, terribly happy with.”
In the meanwhile, early storylines embody discovering on the scientific breakthrough Sheldon Associate in Nursingd Amy teamed on throughout last season’s wedding finale; dominion considers an organized wedding in his explore for a wife; and Stuart (finally) gets a girlfriend.

Favorite guest stars can return: Bob Newhart as academic nucleon and Keith Carradine as Penny’s father area unit secured in, and producers hope Sheldon’s mother (Laurie Metcalf) and Leonard’s mother (Christine Baranski), 2 fan favorites, can appear, at the side of Mark Hamill, WHO officiated at Sheldon and Amy’s wedding within the Season one finale.

But “the focus must get on these characters,” European country says.

Will all of them have happy endings?

“I don’t understand precisely what the finale is, thus i am unable to create that promise, however i feel we’ve forever felt this show may be a happy, positive show regarding folks that love one another, thus we’re not trying to kill everybody off within the finale,” he says. “You need to notice the way to finish this show that feels real to those characters.”


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