Kuran, who had a headache for India in batting with bowling, broke the legend: New Delhi, JNN within the take a look at series between Asian nation and England, England’s new expert surface-to-air missile Quourn isn’t solely worrisome Asian nation with bowling, however in batting, he has unbroken the team within the nose of Asian nation.

After evaluation seventy eight runs within the initial innings of the fourth take a look at, he has scored thirty seven runs within the second innings. within the low-scoring match, Kurian’s runs area unit worrisome the Indian team. The 0.5 century utilized in the second innings of the primary take a look at was the most reason for India’s defeat.

Now once the spectacular show in batting, surface-to-air missile has taken a record moreover. Kurran has scored the very best runs in a very series, batting against Asian nation within the series eight or fewer. surface-to-air missile is that the third player during this series and has scored quite 240 runs. He poor the record of former New Seeland captain Daniel Vettori, World Health Organization scored 220 runs in a very series against Asian nation in 2009.

By the way, Kuran’s performance becomes even a lot of special as a result of he’s hierarchic third within the list of batsmen World Health Organization scored the foremost runs during this series. Despite the flush of star players in each the groups, surface-to-air missile is top-rated during this list.


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