17 years on: The 9/11 attacks and the Indian connection; It has been seventeen years since 9/11. The attack is perhaps one in all the worst in history and until date employees still determine nearly one,100 victims of the hijacked plane attacks on the planet Trade Centre.
During the investigations on many occasions, associate degree Indian link to the deadly attack had cropped up. officers say that the most link was relating to the funding.
The spotlight on the Indian link to the attack came back once associate degree Aftab Ansari, UN agency was a part of the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen was brought back to India for his role within the abduction of a businessperson and therefore the attack on the yankee Centre in metropolis.

Investigations show that Ansari was one in all the persons UN agency was within the recognize of the 9/11 plot and it had been additional alleged that he had contributed the money he had received as ransom following the kidnapping of the businessperson. The intelligence bureau had intercepted a decision from the Alipore jail to metropolis. The spoken language recorded between Jawed Balochi from metropolis associate degreed Ansari was about an abduction plot in India that was luckily thwarted by the police.

Roy Burman the president of Khadim shoes was kidnapped by a gang of 5 headed by Aftab Ansari. it had been alleged that a region of the Rs three.65 large integer ransom that that they had got was pumped-up into the big apple to assist with the look of the 9/11 attack. Ansari had to be deported from the UAE at the bidding of the USA when this link had return up. Ansari when the kidnapping had stayed on in India for a year before he dead the yankee Centre bombing in 2002 at metropolis. After this, he fled to the UAE before being deported to India.
Ansari but continued along with his activities despite being lodged in jail. The 2014 intercept suggests that they were designing associate degree abduction associate degreed conjointly an attack in city. an official with the intelligence bureau abreast of that the ransom quantity that they were designing on tight was around Rs four large integer.

Whereas a region of the money was to be used for the city strike, that they had planned on moving some cash to Islamic Republic of Pakistan. in keeping with a independent agency written account was part funded by Ansari and his men. a number of the lads UN agency reportable to Ansari had managed to slide out and that they carried the funds to Islamic Republic of Pakistan that was accustomed float the Indian mujahidin.


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