World Ozone Day: Ozone Layer Is Not Safe, Life Can End:  In the sort of International Day for the protection of the layer from the year 1994 to Sep sixteen, it’s celebrated with enthusiasm all told the countries in order that the setting is safe.

World layer Conservation Day is widely known once a year on sixteenth Sep once a year. The layer could be a layer of gas molecules found within the layer layer of the atmosphere between twenty to forty kilometers above all. while not layer, life on earth are in crisis. thanks to natural balance erosion, there’s a lot of heat than winter and winters become irregular.
In the sort of International Day for the Protection of the layer from 1994 to Sep sixteen, it’s celebrated with nice enthusiasm all told countries. the aim of this celebration is to preserve the layer on the world.
The World gas Day are celebrated on Sep sixteen underneath the auspices of state Pollution management Board’s Regional workplace, Varanasi. consistent with Assistant Scientific Officer Dr. S.N. Shukla, 1st plantation are worn out the field of Hindustan dope MehindiGanj. subsequently several environmental programs are organized.


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